Article Published on Mail and Guardian!!!🤩🤩🤩

Hey there…oh where have I been? Good question…that I’ll answer in another post….but right now I’m so excited because your girl has been published in the “Mail and Guardian South Africa”! My article got picked up and here’s the link https://mg.co.za/africa/2022-06-02-africans-abroad-living-the-dream-in-south-africa/

Also I have a vlog out about “A Day in the Life of a Journalist” on my Youtube channel. I’m adjusting a bit better to Cape Town now after a bout of depression, hardship and staying at some really ratchet places so that I could get cheap rent in a good area (I’m not a person that can stay in the ghetto or far from town aka far from opportunity).

Me working and wandering around Cape Town while pretending to be productive.

Moving can take you through a roller coaster of emotions that I’ll talk about in a later article…I mean blog post…look at me using journalist lingo😉😙😆. But I think my mental and emotional state is stabilizing and I can definitely be more productive now. Now onwards to greater things!

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