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I have no purpose…

My Myer-Briggs Personality type with the selfie position I always take up If you've ever grown up in a black religious household or any household for that matter then you probably are aware of the pressure to achieve and fulfill your purpose. From a young age, I was inundated with euphemisms of unique I was… Continue reading I have no purpose…


Afro ADHD: Why I Started It

Being able to interact with other neurodivergent people has helped me understand myself better and how I function. After living all my life feeling that I’m strange and don’t fit in it’s comforting to know that I’m perfectly normal for someone with ADHD. It’s a breathe of fresh air to be ✨normal✨ for once. Regardless… Continue reading Afro ADHD: Why I Started It


Afro ADHD: I Routinely Lose My Phone in My Hand

*Afro ADHD is a series I’m starting telling my story of having adult ADHD as an African girl* It was a Saturday skateboard season with the local skate group. I was learning to skate because I liked skateboarding and had dreams of possibly becoming a pro-skater, also because a lot of the boys in the… Continue reading Afro ADHD: I Routinely Lose My Phone in My Hand