Failing to Adult

Failing to Adult: Bills Accruing

Growing up was one of my biggest dreams while growing up with…big scam. No one tells you about how much of your life when you with your parents was being covered by guardians. I imagined the freedom and the ability to buy and do whatever I wanted. And I thought that I was going to achieve it because I managed to move out…with unexpected extra costs that have made my move bumpy and made sure that I couldn’t exactly move the way I wanted.

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Why Moving Back Home is a Bad Idea One of the reasons that we’re all addicted to Tiktok is because it’s become the platform where everyone is brutally honest. One of the things that I believe should be a right of passage in adulthood is moving out. I listened to a podcast by TroyceTV about how he moved out and it inspired… Continue reading Why Moving Back Home is a Bad Idea

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Welcome to

The rise of a new sun Hey guys…sorry for being away for two days….okay okay stop the booing😅. There’s been a lot of developments lately with one being that my business is now officially registered! With that my domain was meant to renew in January but due to circumstances that were in my control but… Continue reading Welcome to

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I have no purpose…

My Myer-Briggs Personality type with the selfie position I always take up If you've ever grown up in a black religious household or any household for that matter then you probably are aware of the pressure to achieve and fulfill your purpose. From a young age, I was inundated with euphemisms of unique I was… Continue reading I have no purpose…

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The Mystery Location Revealed

Well, things have never worked for me by keeping them secret because I end up losing the motivation to pursue what I'm doing when I don't have anyone asking me to follow through. That's what I did when I moved to Cape Town, people didn't expect me to just up and leave when I told… Continue reading The Mystery Location Revealed

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Time isn’t Flying…It’s Fucking Skyrocketing… Or maybe Diving… Perspective

Couldn't find a stock photo so “hello” I can't believe that it's been almost a month since my last post. Living with someone narcissistically abusive and bipolar can be really difficult but eventually you have to realize that you don't need to burn yourself in order to help someone else. Life is definitely looking up… Continue reading Time isn’t Flying…It’s Fucking Skyrocketing… Or maybe Diving… Perspective