Article Published on Mail and Guardian!!!🤩🤩🤩

Hey there...oh where have I been? Good question...that I'll answer in another post....but right now I'm so excited because your girl has been published in the “Mail and Guardian South Africa”! My article got picked up and here's the link https://mg.co.za/africa/2022-06-02-africans-abroad-living-the-dream-in-south-africa/ Also I have a vlog out about “A Day in the Life of a… Continue reading Article Published on Mail and Guardian!!!🤩🤩🤩

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Funny Things that Happen on Zoom

If y’all didn’t know by now…I’m African. And Africa has its own set of rules that the rest of the world might not get and our own sense of humor that borders on ludicrous. So I was having a Zoom meeting for work and it was one of those discussions where they are doing housekeeping… Continue reading Funny Things that Happen on Zoom

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Why Moving Back Home is a Bad Idea

https://videopress.com/v/HAW7Ne8a?resizeToParent=true&cover=true&preloadContent=metadata&useAverageColor=true One of the reasons that we’re all addicted to Tiktok is because it’s become the platform where everyone is brutally honest. One of the things that I believe should be a right of passage in adulthood is moving out. I listened to a podcast by TroyceTV about how he moved out and it inspired… Continue reading Why Moving Back Home is a Bad Idea


Blood and Water Season Two🤯

If you thought that the mind blown emoji meant that I loved season two then...blah😝. I liked it😌. If you’ve followed my blog for awhile then you probably know that I hated season one. It was a huge disappointment and not a good representation of South Africa’s excellent entertainment industry. But they’ve actually redeemed themselves… Continue reading Blood and Water Season Two🤯


Lost in Translation

I watched the Japanese movie “Ride or Die” about a week after it came out. It was in English dub although I didn’t realize it until after the movie was over. But I thought that the movie was subpar until I recently had the chance to watch the Japanese version with English subtitles. I have… Continue reading Lost in Translation


Understanding Sylvie

One of the most loved/hated characters of Emily in Paris is Emily’s boss who plays the main antagonist in the series. Sylvie, the new head of Savoir doesn’t take to Emily at all and even in the end isn’t too keen on her. After watching the series multiple times I’m beginning to see new dimensions… Continue reading Understanding Sylvie

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I’ve got an email now🦉

Because I'm a boss girl😎. I was listening to the successful freelance writer Bamidele Onabulasi talk about what makes him successful as a writer and he mentioned that a professional email can make all the difference. Apparently many companies have a filtering system for their emails that filter out free to use emails because important,… Continue reading I’ve got an email now🦉