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Content Mills are Trash

So once again I have been permanently banned from another content mill😎. I’m flexing because I didn’t have to take illicit drugs or burn down a building to do it😉. Now before you begin to think of me as some wayward deviant…I did the unpardonable sin on content mills apparently and created multiple accounts. Now… Continue reading Content Mills are Trash

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Day in My Life: Valentine’s Edition

Today I woke up at five in the morning and started to go through my emails and English lessons. I have a lot of work to do. I drank hot water which is something that my stomach has been resisting. For breakfast I had a glass of muesli (granola) and yoghurt. I’ve been scrambling to… Continue reading Day in My Life: Valentine’s Edition

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Travel Plans Delayed

In a previous post I talked about how the vaccine that I had wasn’t under the vaccines approved by the European Union. That meant that I would need to get another vaccine jab. I went to see my doctor yesterday and they told me that I would have to sign a form and be monitored… Continue reading Travel Plans Delayed

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I’ve got an email now🦉

Because I'm a boss girl😎. I was listening to the successful freelance writer Bamidele Onabulasi talk about what makes him successful as a writer and he mentioned that a professional email can make all the difference. Apparently many companies have a filtering system for their emails that filter out free to use emails because important,… Continue reading I’ve got an email now🦉


The Last Letter from Your Lover: Makes You Rethink Marriage and How It Has Stood in the Way of Love

I'm a hopeless romantic and believe in life long commitment especially marriage. But when I think of some of the people I've dated or who have tried to solicit marriage from me or even the people who have tried to solicit baby mama from me (should I write an entire article about people who don't… Continue reading The Last Letter from Your Lover: Makes You Rethink Marriage and How It Has Stood in the Way of Love



Hello Thailand!!! One thing that we don’t know about WordPress is that it shows you where most of your readership is coming from and it was to my pleasant surprise that the largest number of people reading my blog are coming from Thailand. So in an appreciation post to my big Thai readership I thought… Continue reading !!!สวัสดีประเทศไทย


I Got My Second Jab But I’m Just as Good as An Unvaccinated Person🙃

So apparently France doesn’t recognize non-EMA vaccines except for the Indian one Covishield. That includes Sinopharm and Sinovac. And I’m fully vaccinated with Sinovac😑. Which means that when I arrive besides needing a PCR test I’ll also need to self-isolate for seven days which is a non-requirement for “vaccinated” people. I’ll also need to get… Continue reading I Got My Second Jab But I’m Just as Good as An Unvaccinated Person🙃

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I Found a Patreon Specifically for Writers!

I came across substack after reading a New York Times Modern Love article about a guy going on a dating show and them trying to anchor it to make him seem like his standards are too high and that’s why he’s single. Which confirms multiple things like “never believe any advice you see on TV.… Continue reading I Found a Patreon Specifically for Writers!

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Creative cities: Melbourne, Australia

Australia came into my radar because of Troye Sivan. If you read my green eggs and ham story then you probably know that I love him very much. Load the creepy fangirl music. But Troye introduced me to the beauty of Perth, Australia. Which initially peaked my interest. Then I ended up dating someone who… Continue reading Creative cities: Melbourne, Australia